Road Bans & Overweight Permits

The preservation of the County of Stettler's road network is accomplished by the strict enforcement of road bans, issuing overweight routing and permits and encouraging compliance by the road users. The objective of these initiatives is to ensure our roadway infrastructure is maintained to the highest possible level in the most effective and efficient manner. This will allow for the safe and comfortable transportation of people and goods.

Overweight Permits

For all overweight permits and inquiries, contact RoaData Services at (888) 830-7623 or

Seasonal Bans

Effective Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 7:00 am:


Road Description Limit


All Township Roads
(except those noted below)


All Range Roads
(except those noted below)



South from Provincial Highway 12 to Junction Highway 593
(Byemoor Road)


Permanent Road Bans

Township Road 38-4

East from Highway 835 to Highway 56 is permanently banned to vehicles in excess of 4500 kg.

Ol' MacDonald's Road (Range Road 21-2)

The County of Stettler has implemented a permanent Road Ban on Range Road 21-2 that leads to Ol' MacDonalds Resort. The Road Ban is in effect from Provincial Highway 601 north to Twp. Rd. 40-2 and then west to the Entrance of the Resort. The Road Ban is at 75% on a permanent basis.

This ban does not apply to recreational vehicles, holiday trailers or motor homes.

Buffalo Sands Subdivision and Carlisle Estates Subdivision

The Buffalo Sands subdivision and Carlisle Estates subdivision are banned to a limit of 75% of the registered certificate axle weights for commercial vehicles. Anyone requiring access to these subdivisions for construction purposes or other reasons, who cannot make the axle weight limit must contact the County of Stettler Protective Services for a permit to access these subdivisions.

Additional Road Ban Information:

Permits will not be issued for divisible loads such as concrete, building material etc. as these loads can be loaded to meet the 75% axle limitations.

For permits and/or questions, please contact the County of Stettler Protective Services at 403-741-6133.

Road Use Agreements

The County of Stettler enters into Road Use Agreements with companies that create heavy traffic loads with a potential to cause damage to the County roads during Road Ban Season. The County of Stettler Peace Officers monitor these roads and ensure that Road Use Agreements are enforced to prevent problems that arise for dust and road damage. A $20,000/mile road bond must be in place before moves can occur.

For more information regarding Road Use Agreements, please contact the County Administration Office at (403) 742-4441

Road Restrictions - New Alta Waste Disposal Area

Effective immediately, there will be additional road restrictions placed on the roads in and around the NEWALTA WASTE DISPOSAL PLANT located off of Township Road 38-2 southeast of Erskine. Currently, Township Road 38-4 between Highway 835 and Highway 56 is restricted to vehicles with a registered certificate weight of 4500 kgs or less. The following new restrictions are as follows:

ORDER NO. 2008-SIGN-01

TRAFFIC SIGNS: Effective 8:00 A.M., 23 June, 2008 the following traffic signs came into force:

  • Range Road 21-0 between Township Roads 38-2 and 39-0: Trucks Prohibited (RB-62) Maximum 4500 kgs.
  • Range Road 20-5 between Township Roads 38-4 and 39-0: Trucks Prohibited (RB-62) Maximum 4500 kgs.
  • Range Road 20-4 between Township Roads 38-2 and 39-0: Trucks Prohibited (RB-62) Maximum 4500 kgs.
  • Range Road 19-5 between Highway 12 and Township Road 38-4: Trucks Prohibited (RB-62) Maximum 4500 kgs.

The purpose of these restrictions is to reduce the amount of heavy truck traffic going to and coming from the NEWALTA plant who are currently using the side roads and damaging same. Access to the plant can still be gained by using Township Road 38-2 off of either the Stewartwyn Road or Highway 835.

Local residents in the area may apply for a letter of exemption to allow them to continue farming operations in the area. These would be in the form of a letter which must be carried in the vehicle at all times and must be produced on demand by a Peace Officer. These exemptions only apply during periods when normal Road Bans are not in effect. Anyone else requiring the use of these roads in excess of the 4500 kg vehicle weight restriction, must contact Protective Services for a permit.

If anyone has any questions, they can contact the County of Stettler Protective Services at 403-741-6133 direct, or through the County of Stettler Administration Office at 403-742-4441.