Emergency Contact
Steven Lockhart - (403) 740-9572
Randy Chmelnyk - (403) 740-6827

Summer Projects 2009

Byemoor & Endiang
- Commission new water reservoirs
- Abandon well at Endiang
- Install water sampling/flush station combination in both

- Install & replace child-proof fencing and gate between Lagoon and Waste  Transfer Site
- Cut bush back from Lift Station Building
- Expose paved over manhole covers in Hamlet to improve access
- Replace lids with manhole covers on lagoon drains
- Flush sanitary sewer mains

Buffalo Sands
- Install storm sewer manholes over storm connections

- Flush water mains and test/service fire hydrants
- Flush sanitary sewer mains
- Cut grass at sewer lagoon first time

- Flush sanitary sewers with sewer flusher truck

Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission
- Commission new water line
- Operate water line from Stettler to Consort

Service and Utilities (2007)

Water Distributed                               
Byemoor                                                        5581 m3
Endiang                                                         2300 m3
Buffalo Sands                                                2036 m3

Water Mains Maintained
Byemoor                                                        2500 m
Endiang                                                           950 m
Buffalo Sands                                                  900 m

Wells Maintained                                                4

Water Storage Capacity
Byemoor                                                             23 m3
Endiang                                                              23 m3
Buffalo Sands                                                   100 m3

Wastewater Lagoons Maintained                        3

Wastewater Collection Pipes Maintained
Buffalo Lake                                                    1050 m
Erskine                                                            8118 m
Byemoor                                                          2460 m
Endiang                                                           1037 m