Recreation Special Project Funding

The Fund

The Recreation Special Project Fund is a fund that is allocated towards the enhancement of community facilities and/or programs to serve the needs of the County's Rural Population located outside of the Town of Stettler boundaries.

The fund is renewed through taxation that is established annually by council.  This year, $50,000 was made available to recreation bodies in the County for building or enhancing recreation facilities and/or programs to maintain viable recreation options in the rural areas.

The Application Process

Community Groups, Associations, Ag Society's or non-profit groups can apply for Recreation Project Funding as long as they meet the requirments outlined in the package.  Applicants are aked to download, read and submit all the paperowrk included in the Application Package which includes guidelines for applying, the actual application form and a grant agreement form.  You can obtain a hard copy of the application form at the County of Stettler Administration Building between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or you can download a copy below.

County of Stettler Special Project Funding Applicaiton Package

The Policy

The purpose of the Recreation Special Project Fund is to To establish the criteria for funding to construct or enhance recreational facilities to serve the needs of the County's rural population, outside of the Town of Stettler with the exception of properties owned by the Stettler Agricultural Society, and to ensure that this fund is renewed annually through taxation to be established by Council.  The entire policy can be downloaded here:

Policy 1.22 - Recreation Special Project Funding