Regional Recreation Board

The Regional Recreation Board supervises and advises County Council on matters pertaining to recreation with the County of Stettler.

The Board has the right to elect their own officers, arrange their own schedule of meetings and is required to prepare and annually submit a budget to County Council in November.

A minimum of one member of County Council shall be appointed to the Board or such greater number as the Council may direct, as long as public representation on the Board remains the majority at all times.


The County of Stettler Regional Recreation Board was established in 1974 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to develop a coordinated effort to the development of recreation programs and facilities within the County of Stettler.

The first employee was hired and worked out of the Stettler Recreation Office.  It was an arrangement that did not work to the benefit of the County boards and was revamped to providing staff strictly for the Regional Recreation Board.

The Regional Recreation Board consists of nine electoral districts, each of which have an appointed representative who sits on the Regional Recreation Board. The Villages of Big Valley, Botha, Gadsby, Donalda and the Summer Village of Rochon Sands also have a representative stated in the signed agreement. In addition, the Stettler Agricultural Society have a representative on the board.· The Villages pay a recreation requisition to the Regional Recreation Board for the services of the RRB.

Over the years the Regional Recreation Board was responsible for distributing recreation dollars that were granted on a per capita basis for various projects within the County. This has helped establish some of the best facilities available in rural Alberta.· In the early 1990s, the grants from the Provincial Government disappeared and the Regional Board downsized to part-time staff.· The Board presently distributes funds in the form of Operational Assistance Grants that assists communities and groups with their facility operational expenses.

In addition the Board reviews and makes recommendations to Council on grant applications made under the Recreational Special Project Fund.

Board Members

Cooperating Authority Name
Botha Community Centre Brenda Brinson
Endmoor Culture/Recreation Doug Johnson
Erskine Recreation Society Mark Higgins
Donalda & District Ag. Society Jerry Lee
Red Willow Ag. Society Lee Adam
Westwoods Ag. Society Gordon Smith
Stettler Ag. Society Dale Chapman
Big Valley Ag. Society Dan Webster
Linda Hall Society Denise Nitchske
Fenn/Union/Ewing Matt Jarmin
Village of Donalda Paul McKay
Village of Big Valley Walter Stefanik
Village of Botha Jamie Muhlbach
Village of Gadsby Lavonne Smith
Summer Village of Rochon Sands Vacant
County of Stettler Greggory Jackson