Rural Addressing Guidelines

The County of Stettler has implemented an addressing system based on provincial guidelines with the purpose of better defining where access is gained for a residence. This is largely beneficial over legal land locations, as they define an area of up to hundreds of acres, whereas a rural address defines exactly where along a road to get access to the residence within 1/40th of a mile.

How does it work?

The following are the guidelines used in assigning a rural address:

  • Addresses will be determined at the location where access is gained to the residence along a Township Road, Range Road or a Highway.
  • Each mile of road will be divided into 40 equal address intervals creating 80 address intervals (40 on each side).
  • Address numbers will be assigned to each address interval starting in the South East corner, increasing from South to North and East to West.
  • Even address numbers are on the North and West sides of the road, odd numbers on the South and East sides of the road.

Click here for a printable (11"x17") version of the below instructions

For Exampleruraladdressing

Single House

1. Determine access road

Twp Rd 40-2

2. Locate address interval at intersection of access road and Township/Range Road or Highway

19 Twp Rd 40-2

3. Reference the one mile road interval to the East (or South if off a Rge Rd) even if no road exists at this point.

21119 Twp Rd 40-2

Two or More Residences Off One Access Road

1. Follow steps 1–3 for addressing a single house to determine the base address

40169 – Rge Rd 21-2

2. Add a numerical prefix

10, 40169 Rge Rd 21-2

Two Access Roads in One Address Interval

1. Follow steps 1-3 for addressing a single house to determine the base address

40122a Rge Rd 21-1

2. Add an 'a'/'b', etc after the house number

40122a Rge Rd 21-1

40122b Rge Rd 21-1

Large Subdivisions

1. Same steps as for two or more houses off one access road, except subdivision will be divided into loops and numbered accordingly

303, 21150 Twp Rd 40-2

501, 21150 Twp Rd 40-2

For further information please contact

Jamie Hobbs at the County Office

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