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Sharon Larsen - Assessment/Tax Clerk
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Michelle Loranger - Assistant Assessment/Tax Clerk
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Once the assessment/tax notices are sent out the assessment roll is open to be viewed by ratepayers at the County Office.

Assessment Appeal Process

If you have received your Assessment Notice and you disagree with the information on the assessment notice you MUST appeal the assessment within 60 Days from the Date Mailed.

Appeal Procedure

Talk to assessor. if the discrepancy cannot be resolved, the following actions should be taken:

File Complaint with the Assessment Review Board Clerk within 60 days. Complaint must be accompanied by the appropriate Fee.

Residential/Farmland - $50 per parcel

Commercial/Industrial - $100 per parcel

Send Formal Complaints to:
Assessment Review Board Clerk
PO Box 1270, Stettler AB· T0C 2L0

After you file your complaint:

  • Exchange of information with Appellant and Assessor
  • Notice of Assessment Review
  • Assessment Review Board Hearing·
  • Notice of Decision

If you don't accept the Assessment Review Board Decision you can take your appeal to the Court of Queen's Bench. In order for the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta to hear an appeal of an assessment review board decision, the appellant must first file an application for "Leave of Appeal" with the County. Your application will need to clearly demonstrate that an error or a question of law or jurisdiction has been made by the board. The application must be accompanied with a copy of the written decision of the board and any supporting evidence that relates to the error of a question of law or jurisdiction.

Filing Property Assessment Complaint and Preparing for Hearing

Assessment Complaint Form


Farmland property is assessed on the basis of it productivity.· The productive value of farmland is determined using a process that sets a value for the best soils, and then makes adjustments for less-than optimum conditions such as stones, the prescense of sloughs, or topography not conductive to farming practices.

There is four factors into value of farmland property:

  1. Agricultural land - Land that is used for farming operations.
  2. Residences- The residence is assessed at its market value.·· The assessment of each residence located on farmland may be fully or partially exempt from property tax, depending on the total value of the land in a ratepayers farm unit.· Farm Unit is made up all the farmland that the ratepayer may own.
  3. Farm Buildings-·A farm building is any improvement, other than a residence, that is used for farming operations.· Farm buildings are exempt from assessment in rural municipalities.· In urban municipalities, farm buildings are assessed and then exempted from property tax to a level of 50 percent from both municipal and provincial education tax.
  4. Residential Site·- The residential site is three acres of land surrounding the residence. These three acres are assessed using a market-value-based assessment, as if the three-acres site was a separate parcel of land.

Residential Exemptions

  • 1st residence $61,540 assessment dollars
  • 2nd residence $30,770 assessment dollars

eg.·· Residence· assessed at $200,000·
Total Land in the Farm Unit is assessed at
NE 22- $20,000
NW 23 - $20,000
SE 23 - $20,000
SW 23 - $20,000Total Farm Unit $80,000 (sufficient land)
Residence $200,000-$61,540 = $138,460 would be taxable on the residence
3 Acres Site = $14,920 taxable
Farmland· = $16,540 taxable

Machinery and Equipment

Comprises of equipment such as underground tanks, separators, compressors. These items are in compressor stations, battery sites etc.

Railway property

The assessed value of railway property is based on a fixed dollar amount per kilometre, based on the annual tonnage transported on the railway right-of-way.

Linear Property

Linear property is assessed using regulated rates and depreciation which applies specifically to these property class.· Each year the power portion of linear property assessment declines in accordance with the regulated depreciation schedules.· Linear property assessments are completed by the Municipal Affairs - Industrial Branch Power & Pipeline.· Their information is based off the EUB Records and reported information from the Oil Companies.· Complaints or changes must be directed to the Industrial Branch.· You can contact the Industrial Branch at:
Phone - Rite Number 310-0000 (780) 427-2345
FAX - (780) 422-8302
email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it