Traffic Safety Management Strategy

Recently, the County of Stettler Department of Protective Services developed a Traffic Safety Management Strategy. A portion of this strategy is reproduced here for your information.


To address the identified contributing factors to fatal and serious injury collisions as well as the priorities of the County of Stettler in protecting our infrastructure, traffic safety management efforts will be directed as resources and assets permit, towards the following areas:


Patrols and selected traffic safety management programs throughout the county will target rural intersections and roads for compliance with traffic legislation, patrols and selected traffic safety management programs throughout the County will monitor the speed of traffic and strict enforcement of the speed legislation will be implemented, including but not limited to the "rural commuter traffic" traveling to and from the Town of Stettler Staff will periodically be scheduled to allow for random patrols and selected traffic enforcement programs on various days of the week and times of the day. Awareness that public driven complaints of problem locations may require targeted efforts.

Enforcement efforts will be recorded by offence for intersection related offences, speed offences, occupant restraint (seatbelt) offences, as well as commercial vehicle compliance.· This data collection will be done on a daily basis for comparison to year-end statistical data to determine effectiveness.·· Public Awareness efforts and education situations (warnings) will also be captured.


Continue to partner and participate in the Heartland Safe Community Coalition.  Maintain up-to-date knowledge of traffic-related legislation and policy and participate in training and development to ensure that skills are current.


Will identify concerns of road condition and/or design and report those concerns to the appropriate road jurisdiction such as the County Infrastructure and Operations Department of the Province of Alberta. Will continue to consider the appropriateness of current traffic control signage and requests for new traffic control signage.

All traffic safety management work of the County's Community Peace Officers will be conducted within the parameters of the respective appointments and Job Description.