Traffic Laws and Safety

Traffic Laws and Prohibitions

The following prohibitions are contained in the General Traffic Bylaw:

Water trucks shall not stop or park along or upon any County Road for the purpose of loading or unloading water

No vehicles or traction engines having metal cleats, metal tracks, tire chains, or other metal devices attached to its wheels may operate or move on a County Road

All loads must be secured in such a manner as to prevent the load from falling onto the road

Secondary Highways within the County of Stettler's boundaries, such as: 589, 590, 593, 594, 601, 835, 850, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855 are now under management and direction of the Provincial Government.  These roads are NOT subject to our County General Traffic Bylaw or permitting regulations.

The following miniature vehicles are prohibited from being operated on any highway or roadway: Miniature quads, electric scooters, pocket bikes, golf carts, motorized skateboards, go-carts, personal transporters.

Off Highway Vehicles may be operated on County of Stettler highways subject to the following conditions:

  • The operator must be 14 years of age or older;
  • The Off-Highway Vehicle must be registered and insured;
  • The operator and passenger must wear an approved helmet; and
  • An operation of an Off Highway Vehicle within a residential area is restricted to taking the most direct route to and from a place of residence to where it maybe legally operated
    operation is not permitted where prohibited by signs.

For more information on the County of Stettler General Traffic Bylaw, please contact the Administration Office 403.742.4441 or the County Community Peace Officer 403.741.6133.  

You can read the bylaw in its entirety by clicking General Traffic Bylaw.