Off Highway Vehicles

Off Highway Vehicle Usage

As the spring months wind down and we look forward to summer, it is time to break out the quads.· As you may be aware, the County of Stettler does allow the use of off highway vehicles on the local highways as long as they are operated properly and legally.· In past newsletters we have tried to offer some education in this regard by telling our readers what the proper rules and regulations are.· The County even took steps to erect signs outlining the proper rules and marking which trails were prohibited from operating an off highway vehicle.

Last year, the Protective Services members made patrols in the area both in the patrol units and on a quad and noted many continuing infractions.· We issued warnings in an attempt to encourage people using the lake area, whether you live there or not, to operate their recreational vehicles in a safe and legal manner.··

We wish to advise that our efforts with respect to off highway vehicles use is in response to complaints made by the general public as well as those who reside in the lake area on a part time or full time basis. Protective Services will be taking zero tolerance against the illegal/unsafe operation of off highway vehicles in the upcoming summer season and you can expect to be issued violation ticket summonses for failure to obey the rules.

For those wishing more information on the rules for the proper and safe use of an off highway vehicle, you can contact the County of Stettler Protective Services members at 403.741.6133 or just stop and read the warning/prohibition sign the next time you decide to drive around it.

Please have a safe and enjoyable summer!·


The following miniature vehicles are prohibited from being operated on any highway or roadway:
- Miniature quads, electric scooters, pocket bikes, golf carts, motorized skateboards, go-carts, personal transporters.

Off Highway Vehicles may be operated on County of Stettler highways subject to the following conditions:

  • The operator must be 14 years of age or older;
  • The Off Highway Vehicle must be registered and insured;
  • The operator and passenger must wear an approved helmet;
  • The operation of an Off Highway Vehicle within a residential area is restricted to taking the most  direct route to and from a place of residence to where it may be legally operated; and
  • Operation is not permitted where prohibited by signs.

For more information or clarification, please contact the County of Stettler Protective Service at 403-742-4441 or Cell: 403-741-6133