Noxious Weeds and Spraying

The County of Stettler maintains a roadside spray program for the control of noxious weeds, brush and other targeted species along the roadside ditches. Any serious infestations may require spraying of municipal rights-of-way (roadsides) within the County of Stettler. All weeds on the Restricted and Noxious lists are important to take care of and our staff is available to assist ratepayers with control options. This program commences by the beginning of June each year.

The herbicides used are determined by weather conditions, targeted weeds and surrounding vegetation. In certain cases, mechanical control and/or handpicking may also be used.

The County of Stettler Agricultural Service Board will be spraying undesirable vegetation within the County right of ways from May - October of 2010.  This is done to control the spread of weeds and to prevent large trees and brush from impacting roadbed integrity.  If you do not want the right of ways adjacent to your property sprayed, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible to fill out a "No Spray" form.  For more information, contact Cara Bomphray at 403.742.4441.

Why We Spray

  • Efficient weed control. Mowing would be required more often and at a greater cost. 
  • Reduces the spread of weeds to agricultural lands thus restricting contamination of farmland, competition to crops and reducing the restriction of certain crops due to weeds. 
  • Reduces the amount of wildlife attracted to roadsides, in the cases of sweet clover and 
    brush, thus improving safety to commuter traffic. 
  • Reduces snow traps along roads providing increased safety to public users and reducing costs of snow removal.

No Spray Zones

Any County of Stettler resident who does not wish to have roadside spraying performed adjacent to their property may enter into agreement with the County of Stettler to maintain the County right-of-way (ditch) area free of all noxious or restricted weeds and brush.

Signs must be posted at the corner boundaries and any other public access points between the corner boundaries of lands adjacent to the County right-of-way on which agreements requesting non-chemical control of undesirable vegetation have been signed. These signs must be 24 inches by 18 inches on white background with 4 inch letters stating NO SPRAY AREA.  The signs are to be mounted in a clear and unobstructed view at the required locations. All signs must be approved by the Agricultural Fieldsman.

Weeds in the County

The main noxious weeds that affect the County of Stettler are listed below. Click on the link for a picture and description of each weed.

Scentless Chamomile 

Common Tansy

Common Toad Flax

Leafy Spurge

Canada Thistle

Storks Bill

Baby's Breathe

White Cockle

A complete handbook of invasive plants in Alberta is available for viewing here.