Goals and Objectives

Every year, Council reviews it priorities and plans for the upcoming year. It is important for Council and Administration to take some time at the beginning of every year to concentrate on where the County of Stettler should be heading in terms of projects, financial commitments and operations.

In 2010, Council identified the following Priorities:

Rural Water Supply

County Council is committed to providing potable water to county residents and this issue has been determined to be the most critical facing the county. The County has received Federal and Provincial Government grants totalling $6.0 Million with the requirement the County contributes $3.0 Million to match the other governments' portion. This provides a total of $9.0 Million to contribute towards the cost of providing rural water service. It is expected that the initial project will be completed by March 2014 and will coincide with the conditions of the grant program as stipulated by the more senior level of governments. The supply and distribution of potable water within the County will be done in the most economical and effective manner available.

Affordable Services

The provision of municipal services at an affordable cost is always a priority within municipal service delivery. County Council has made this issue one which will receive specific attention over the next few years as all service delivery will be examined for affordability and acceptability by ratepayers and residents. Attention will be given to such indicators as customer complaints, comparable costs with other municipalities, as well as the ability for County residents to pay for services received.

Acceptable Roads

With the largest single expense within the County budget being for the maintenance and construction of county roads, County Council determined that greater emphasis has to be placed on the safety and reliability of all roads coming within the jurisdiction of the County's responsibility. In order to ensure the maintenance of all roads is kept to the required level a detailed multi-year road plan is to be developed. The effective timeframe for the future road plan will be a minimum of 5 years and may extend beyond this minimum period in areas where longer time is required to affect the plan for specific road projects.

Gravel Quality and Supply

Gravel is most always considered an issue in rural Alberta and with over 2,600 kms of road surface required to be maintained, a supply of good quality gravel is imperative. With the requirement for a continuous supply of gravel, County Council has determined that it is critical to have a minimum of 15-25 years of secure gravel source. The following Action Plan outlines the steps determined to be taken to ensure a long term gravel supply is secured and that the quality of gravel sources meets the specifications established by the County.

Future of Solid Waste Management

With the continuing increase of solid waste, future landfill management will likely become more expensive in future years. There is a real possibility that the cost of improvements required to the landfill will rise significantly as tonnage to the landfill increases over the next few years. With the County of Stettler being a partner in the Stettler Waste Management Authority (SWMA) it is a priority of the County to pursue the development of a comprehensive solid waste management reduction strategy by the SWMA.