BVE Update - August 15, 2012

Water & Sewer

There is a water system pressure test scheduled for Thursday.· For the most part,· residents will not know that the testing is happening, however, Residents can expect a short duration water outage from 10am - 2pm.· If all goes well, as the system performs well, all the work will be completed by 4pm.· If issues arise, time frames will be dependent on issues.

The sewer system inspection is complete and we are still waiting on the reports.

Mail Delivery

The County has been in contact with Canada Post trying to get mailboxes at Buffalo View Estates.  In a conversation with the Delivery Manager for our area, it was discovered that Canada Post is currently in the middle of a project that looks to standardize all mail delivery to a more urban-type delivery system.  They stated that until this project is complete, they will not be looking at adding anymore mail delivery units (ie. superboxes or rural mailboxes).  The County will continue to monitor Canada Post as they continue with this project and update residents accordingly.