Buffalo View Estates Improvements

The County of Stettler is commencing work at Buffalo View Estates to complete Phase 1 & 2 of the Development and this page will be updated along the way.  Check back here often for updates on the progress and any pertinent information about the subdivision improvements.

During the course of development over the last few years, a number of key construction items have not had the required documentation provided to support acceptance by the County. In order to move forward on surface completions, the County has engaged Stantec Consulting Ltd. of Red Deer to review all of the systems and recommend a course of action required to complete the development to the required standards with appropriate supporting documentation. Investigation and construction will begin in the area in the coming weeks. It is expected that the various areas of testing and construction will extend into the spring of 2013 and will result in paved roads, completed pathways and landscaping.

Construction Summary

Sanitary Sewer System
The sanitary sewer main system will undergo an internal camera inspection to check for possible deficiencies that may include infiltration, grade issues or pipe/tank damage. Many of the existing manholes are below the gravel surface and will be exposed to gain access. There will be temporary roadway divots at these locations as deep as 24" which will be backfilled with gravel once the inspection is complete.Any repairs identified as required will be completed in the few weeks after the inspection.

Potable Water System
Stantec and a sub-contractor will complete a new pressure test of the existing system to ensure performance within allowable limits for the pipe system used. This test will involve pressurizing the system to 150psi for the defined test period. The County will be asking for access to lots with existing water supply to open outside taps to reduce impacts should any of the service valves not hold pressure. This test is important to ensure any installed infrastructure meets pressure standards to reduce future maintenance and possibility of repairs being required that include excavation through the proposed new asphalt surface. Any repairs identified as required will be completed in the few weeks after the inspection.

Subdivision Grading
Stantec has completed a full survey of the subdivision area to confirm grading and drainage meets the intent of the approved plans. As part of this task, a number of areas have been identified that require re-grading to meet the intent of environmental approvals and required drainage patterns. It has also been identified that the roadways within phase 2 are too narrow to support the design paved surface structure.Stantec is undertaking a revised design to correct grading deficiencies. It is expected that work will include roadway widening, approach culvert removal and re-installation at appropriate grades and offset location and some front lot re-grading to establish back slopes and the required split lot grading. It is anticipated that this work will be tendered in conjunction with roadway surfacing, landscaping and pathway completions.

Roadway Paving & Completion of Pathways
The County has asked Stantec to prepare tender documents for the completion of the paved surface to a standard as approved in the development permit. This work will be tendered as soon as possible with the intent that it will be completed prior to winter subject to contractor availability. It is expected that some of the landscaping items and pathways will need to be completed in 2013.

It has been identified that an engineered design has not been completed for the retaining walls surrounding the marina. Stantec has had a Structural Engineer assess the walls and has determined that there is not enough evidence available visually to certify the wall construction. The testing required to confirm the foundation will involve dismantling sections and excavating to determine the foundation properties. It is felt that with the extent of testing required to certify the existing construction, that a new design and reconstruction of the walls will save time and money on the long term. The wall will also be fitted with a decorative safety railing according to building code standards to protect against falls. We are proposing to place the new walls at the residential lot boundary within the municipal reserve between the lots and the marina property. This will allow the pathways to run through the marina at the foot of the wall instead of along the back side of properties along the top of the wall. The boat launch pad at the marina will be checked for appropriate slope and re-configured if necessary to provide a smooth transition from which to launch boats. Stantec is also checking the status Federal and Provincial approvals related to the completion of the marina. No work is planned at this time with respect to the completion of the marina. Once deficiencies are identified, further work may be undertaken.